Team Statistic and Background


Doctor Landzaad, knows instinctually that the world is locked in a cosmic combat with a covert extra-terrestrial intelligence, called the Draco.

Until recently he had no proof; but he has seen too many signs of it.

This alien presence has such active involvement in all of earth’s history it has surfaced as the bitter life and death struggle played out in the world’s spiritual books!

Doctor Landzaad believes this malign reptilian presence is a forerunner to a planned full scale invasion actively making its way to annihilate humankind.

Time is short.

Doctor Landzaad has made it his life’s work to protect the world from an overt battle unlike any the world has ever seen…he has done so by re-engineering a series of super-soldiers, the STRONGMEN™.

Professor Lanzaad | Vizor | Roman Archer | Roadcat | Elbabe | Quake | Candy | Julia | Chromehead | Nocturno

Professor Lanzaad


The mythical Professor Landzaad is the founder and the creator of the Strongmen.

He is the ‘brain’ and coordinator behind the team.

Described as incredibly intense and dedicated to the defeat of impending invaders, The Tide, and its advanced probes on earth, the Icons.

Powerful intellect, extraordinary visionary and telepathic abilities that connect him with the rest of the team.

Not much has been (or is allowed to be) uncovered about Professor Lanzaad.

Nobody seems to know much (or would say anything) about him as he continues to work closely with various world goverments and organisations in trying to prepare for the imminent attack of The Tide.

With his past shrouded in secrecy, some might say his crusade is merely the rantings of a “rich and resourceful madman” …but only time will tell.

At least, one thing we do know for sure is that he is on our side.

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Michael Strong and his brother George were survivors of a car accident. Landzaad saved them and transformed him into Strongmen trained under the leadership of Roman Archer. In order to toughen them, every conceivable danger was thrown their way, including combating with androids.

A Strongman with extraordinary mental fortitude and calculating aptitude, Vizor is capable of quickly casting his eye into myriad future scenarios so as to understand the consequent chain reactions following an event.

One of Vizor’s abilities is constructing ultra accurate subconscious situational drama so as to point him in the right direction of the answers he seeks.

Having both the diluted American-Spanish accent and the glinting diamond eyes give him an irresistible charm. His sense of humour magnetizes all types of people.

Vizor is able to render his opponent dashed by the mere projection of a terrifying thought. He is able to accelerate energy via the virtual visor. He is able to levitate any density object with a thought, which he believes is a living entity.

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Roman Archer


Roman Archer was rescued off the street by Landzaad after being stabbed by a rival street gang and left to die.

Landzaad took particular interest in this large man and trained him in the military arts and sciences, The Tao of Power, weapons manufacture, dam building, tactical maneuvers, open hand combat, camouflage, creative visualization, security.

He is a keen strategist and marshal. He is organized and technically-minded. He is unequalled with the crossbow.

His knowledge of weapons design testing and manufacture and war strategies makes him one of the most dangerous minds on the planet on the side of mankind.

Underneath all of the brawn, though, he is a big hearted teddy bear with a gentle heart.

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Ego-centric Roadcat thinks he’s God’s gift to the world.

He joined the team because he enjoys all the attention he gets from ‘babes’ as a Strongman.

He’s collected more girlfriends than you have trading cards. Roadcat is cocky and funny.

Roadcat is overly-confident — a quality that often lands him in trouble! Never mind dangerous opponent Roadcat is having enough problems with beautiful women who are another of his downfalls.

Witty clean cut all round sports star, blonde hair, blue eyes, holds the world’s fastest 100 meter sprint record – less than one second!

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The former gang member who had a change of heart, Elbabe was born in Australia but raised ruthlessly in the grungy ghettos of The Bronx, New York, danger forcing her to form and lead her own band of street scum ‘The Uglies and Nasties.’ Her infamy spread and before long she was challenged by a rival gangster and biker, Alvarez.

She was lured into an ambush. In a now infamous shoot-out, Elbabe was seriously injured and almost died – if not for Landzaad, who saved her life and kept her from being turned over to the police.

Once Landzaad proved to her it was the adrenalin she was after it became an easy decision to join the action-prone Strongmen. As Elbabe, she felt she owed ‘the Old Man’ a life-debt.

In the original sketches, the short-tempered member was originally thought of to be a male character with the name Raptor. The name Raptor was later changed to Elbabe for the movie.

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Only seventeen but sporting a goatee to hide his age, Danny found passage on an oil rig, until he found himself trapped at sea on a burning platform with nowhere to run.

A near swipe at him by death gave him the stark realisation that he needed to do something seriously important with his life.

The Cobalt metal chains he carries over his shoulders are used for hauling and carrying tonnage, and occasionally lassoing brainless bad guys.

The medallion belt round his waist is manufactured of the same Cobalt material that enables Danny to do a quick strength check so as to ensure he doesn’t over-crush his foes.

The Strongmen is a vehicle for him through which he can add value to the lives of millions of people globally.

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Candy is a “different kind” of Strongmen™ as you will soon discover.

Almost like a representative Strongmen in her own world.

She is the popular search engine that helps each of us look and obtain what we are looking for in the worldwide web of information superhighway known as the Internet.

She is friendly, diligent, hard-working and takes her job very seriously.

Once given a task to seek something on the Internet, she won’t let you down!

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Sometimes also called the Lovable Lovely, Julia is Misty Avon’s daughter, the same one Doctor Landzaad rescued from the maw of death.

Following the Cobalt experiments, and in need of serious cash with which to build his army of super-soldiers, Landzaad developed a technology called Spacer Fabric, advertising its startling properties in a scientific journal.

This got him the attention of Misty Avon who was engaged in alchemical findings of her own.

Julia is highly intelligent and can easily put members of the Strongmen to shame (Nocturno in particular) with her knowledge of computer programming, science and mathematics.

Little was Landzaad to know how valuable a part Misty and her daughter Julia were to play in the unfolding of his vision.

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Chromehead is more than a brain in a vat. Chromehead’s human brain, a conduit between the physical and the nonphysical, capable of more than 60,000 thoughts per day, has been linked to his own personal onboard computer, and all forms of external computers (when given special access).

Chromehead is the fully integrated half-man half-machine solution to improved biogenetically engineered body part replacements.

Think of him as the Team’s boffin scientist, the ever-tinkering robotics engineer.

Chromehead designed his cranium helmet, which keeps him at times in contact with the whole team through the use of headset comlinks.

Chromehead sparks the most brightly when he is asked to man The Prophetess, the special purpose aerial craft. He loves testing new gizmos.

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Can teleport across geography. Even though she is a qualified medical physician, Nocturna is able to access her spiritual ‘psyche.’

Her powers are enhanced strength and heightened sense perception.

She has an incredibly sensitive sixth sense.

From time to time Nocturna wears a variety of different lenses and spectacles contained in the Cobalt utility belt. Most often she wears the black one that everyone knows her by, but in action she uses goggles that allow her to see through smoke, or infra red night goggles.

She uses gas pellets that provide the cover of smoke through which she can run through or hide.

In initial drawings, Nocturna was to be played by a male character named Nocturno.