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survival_pic1A transportory force occurs in Strongmen which alludes to mankind’s progressive steps to unlocking innate multra-lensing abilities contained in mankind’s etheric energy.

This means of teleportation proposed in the film is “the transmission of data which is used to precisely reconstruct an object or organism at its eventual place of targeted destination. The idea of traveling from one point to another instantaneously (faster than light travel) as a means of transport for humans, would have considerable unresolved technical issues, such as recording the human body with sufficient accuracy to allow reproduction elsewhere (i.e., because of the uncertainty principle). The question is posed: objectifying and then obliterating a human in one place and recreating a copy elsewhere questions whether such an occurrence would provide a sufficient experience of existential continuity. The reassembled human might be considered a different sentience with the same memories as the original. Because each copy of a human re-constructed via this data-and carbon re-coherence method (made of new matter already in existence at the destination) would be in no way, even in principle, of distinguishing the original from the copies.”—from the foreword to Strongmen: Lucky Break



From the depths of space, comes the imminent invasion of —The Tide.
Its destination: earth.
In just 54 hours it will destroy our planet. Nothing can withstand its onslaught.
Only the finest minds and most sophisticated computers can face this challenge…
An operative of The Tide appears in a mining outpost in Australia.
Using a colossal drilling rig, billionaire Alex Ross, rips to the very core of the earth, unwittingly..or wittingly… freeing a renegade band of Irish Puttymen, troglodyte dwellers of a region called Level 1.
Under the pump with a full-scale invasion in progress, team-leader Vizor and the Strongmen find themselves digitized and catapulted into an alternate reality.
Now nothing is as it seems and every second counts. With destruction high and the end drawing near, the team has no choice but to entreat the Guy at the Top to cut them some slack.
A lucky break would be nice…
If they can beat the odds stacked against them, the world will forever know them as: the STRONGMEN™!

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