Strongmen Lucky Break Trailer

6 short clips from the movie:

The Premise

STRONGMEN proves that our creative force listens to us and acts upon our request. But there are certain conditions!

1. The “Problem”

In just 54 hours the dreaded Niburu planet is entering the solar system bringing with it the original reptilian masters of earth and an all out invasion! Billionaire Mining Magnate ALEX ROSS is the alien agent whose mission it is to create chaos and distraction, to make it easier for the invasion to happen. We soon begin to understand that the human race has been living in a hijacked reality ever since a covert invasion of the earth happened some 4000 years ago! Using a GIANT drilling rig, Alex Ross opens up the earth and lets loose disembodied spirits called the Puttymen…mostly larrikin Irish ghosts with a drinking problem, who could never say no to “a glass of Scotch!” and have been in limbo ever since!

2. The “Solution”

The Strongmen set about defeating these spineless Winnies who are really just a distraction to what’s coming”, but during a tussle they are suddenly ambushed and scanned by a giant photocopier and suddenly find themselves inside the internet, where they enlist the assistance of a gorgeous search engine girl called Candy to apprehend the Puttymen. In the real world, the Puttymen have little power, but online (on the internet) they are able to re-direct casino payouts, interfere with iTunes downloads, disgruntle Facebook friends, and make twits out of Tweeters.

The citizens of the internet themselves are driven by their belief in LUCK! Unable to comprehend the disjointed events that appear daily on the Internet, their faith in the Luck Religion holds supreme. Because the Strongmen are from the REAL WORLD, they discover they have their own abilities which see them get into a bind. They are far too lucky! Because of this they get caught and by public demand are sentenced to fighting the Invincible Ones in the Coliseum. It turns out the Invincible Ones are indeed replicas of the Strongmen.

Alex Ross soon realizes the formidableness of his foes, and in a massive confrontation suddenly and without warning destroys a couple of major earth cities using an particle accelerator canon.

The Strongmen are horrified by the destruction caused, and by way of ancient Aboriginal dreamtime connection with the Universe, discover that they can in fact make contact with the Creator of the Universe who has been waiting for them to ASK!

In a surprising twist, and by virtue of Quantum mechanics, we see how humans are able to co-create with the Universe to reverse time, prevent an all out catastrophe, and bring about an outcome that sees MANKIND receive the option of being put back on to their original evolutionary path!

The Strongmen have succeeded in averting the Reptilian menace.

How the writer came up with the idea…

I have always loved Quantum Physics and wanted to produce a film that sees how humans who have mastered their physical environment, can interact with and request favours from the universe. In essence becoming co-creators with what is required for the good of all. It really is the next evolutionary step in story telling art.

Previous films in the genre of the Quantum Physics paradigm:

Movies like Matrix, Powder, and What the Bleep? which slightly touch on the themes of Quantum Physics and Alternate Realities, have been making money for a long time, and we believe STRONGMEN will too.


The STRONGMEN are both men and women, with women like Misty, Candy, Elbabe and Julia showing leadership in all situations.

Situation in the beginning

The earth is about to experience a surprise in the night catastrophe…

The new opportunity posed by the film

This is averted by the Strongmen’s understanding that they and humanity as a collective voice can make requests of the Universe and co-create a positive outcome and a different reality that takes into account the good of all!

What goal or visible finish line have they achieved by end of the story:

The STRONGMEN have discovered extraordinary co-creative abilities within themselves and for all of mankind enabling us a species to do as follows: co-create, interdimensional transfer, psycho-sise, teleport, coalesce.

What makes achieving the goal impossible?

An outright invasion by a more advanced species that have been acting covertly THROUGH world governments for more than 4000 years!