Action! Cameras roll!


In 1996, a team of creatives brought an innovative TV series to the world. It screened to millions of kids internationally – staying alive in young imaginations for a whirlwind decade.

In 2007, the same team of creatives was greenlighted to do the first feature film:

The first full length feature film volume provisionally entitled, “Lucky Break.”

Some test scenes were filmed in late 2007, but it wasn’t until mid to late 2008 that the major bulk of the film began to get shot. 2009 was scattered with more than 57 film sequences shot.

From the start Strongmen was different to other film formats, being filmed in separate sequences and edited using a unique editing style the Garcia Brothers first showcased elsewhere in their creative portfolio.

Vision Of The Future

The world following the 911 disaster has become a very different place.

People breathe in the new paranoia and the air stinks with suspicion.

You know for sure you are being watched on the streets as millions of tiny-tech cameras eye you from across street-lamps.

The hidden enemy does everything in its power to keep the least of earth’s men and women from ever knowing the truth of the role in the war the Earth is engaged in.

The STRONGMEN™ and I are to embark on a titanic war unlike the world has ever seen as we set to fulfill another chapter in the destiny of the Earth.